Steven L. Finch

Steven L. Finch

Founder & CEO

Mr. Finch serves StarrVista on an independent contract basis as its Chief Financial Officer. He has served in this role since 2004 and has been a consultant to StarrVista providing managed care administration, finance and risk management, and information systems consultation since its first CMO Proposal to Wayne County in 1999. In this role, Mr. Finch attends and reports to the StarrVista Board of Directors.

Mr. Finch is a healthcare management consultant with over thirty years’ experience in healthcare administration, finance and information systems. He has served as a chief operating officer and chief financial officer for managed behavioral health and behavioral outpatient provider companies. He has been chief financial officer for acute care hospitals and has been a healthcare consultant for large public accounting firms. In addition to StarrVista, Mr. Finch provides managed care consultation to numerous community mental health services programs in Michigan with respect to Medicaid capitates specialty supports and services for persons with developmental disabilities, mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

Mr. Finch has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Michigan and has practiced as a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Michigan.