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Welcome to StarrVista!  You are now part of a very exciting and dynamic agency that will help you build upon your strengths and make better choices in the future.  StarrVista is committed to working as a partner with you, your parents, your community, and other agencies to provide services and supports in order to hold you accountable for your actions and to repair the harm.  StarrVista operates on the team concept and works together to provide the best possible service for you.


StarrVista is a Care Management System (CMS) for the Wayne County Department of Children and Family Services.  StarrVista is responsible for the youth and families residing in Northwest Detroit and Dearborn Heights who have had contact with the court system.  We provide case management services such as referrals to placements and programs, Medicaid enrollment, supervision of your case, monitoring of your progress in school and home, representation in court, etc.  We do not provide any direct treatment or programming to either you or your family.


It is important for you to remain crime-free while in our care and to become involved in activities that increase empathy with your victim and to work to restore the losses of your victim.  Even if you did not commit a crime against someone, there are still victims as a result of your behavior.  The victims may be your parents, younger siblings, or yourself.  You will need to be involved in activities that build skills (competencies) in order for you to make a positive contribution to your community.


StarrVista’s telephone number is 313-387-6000.  We are located on Seven Mile between Telegraph and Lahser.  Our address is 22390 W. Seven Mile Detroit, Michigan 48219.  There is a sign on the front of the building that says Starr Commonwealth and we are in the east end of the building.



You will either have a Case Manager (CM) or Probation Counselor (PC) help you with your plan of care.  They will meet with you and discuss your progress on your goals in your plan of care at least on a monthly basis.  How often they meet with you will be determined by your CM/PC and may change throughout your stay with StarrVista. In addition to meeting with you, they will meet with your parent/guardian, your school, and program on a weekly or monthly basis.

Your CM/PC will decide what services or programs will help you and your family.  These services/programs will be determined based on your offense(s), your behavior, your risk of re-offending, and needs (i.e. you have not gone to school, you have a medical illness, etc.).  If you are not compliant with a service/program you may be placed in one that is more restrictive.  For example, if you have services that are provided to you and your family in your home and you do not show up for your scheduled visits; you may be escalated to a placement outside of your home.  However, once you complete a program your CM/PC will provide you with a program/service that is less restrictive.  You will need to complete the programs/services in order to be terminated from court and disenrolled from StarrVista; so it is important that you do everything the program staff tell you to do.

Your CM/PC will go to every court hearing with you and make a report to the court on your progress on your goals in your plan of care.  They will share with your Judge/Referee how you have done in your program, school, community, and home and if you have remained crime-free.  All of these are important to the court and will determine when they will release you.  Later in this handbook you will learn more about the court system.


Your youth liaison will only be involved initially when your case is first assigned to Starr Vista.  They will make the initial contact with you, have you and your parents complete an intake packet, and take your picture for your file.


If you are placed on in-home detention or need additional monitoring in the community, a tracker will be assigned to your case to make daily contact with you at home or at school.


If at any time you are unable to contact your CM/PC, you may contact their supervisor.  However, you should always try to talk to your CM/PC first.  You need to call StarrVista at 387-6000 and ask for their Case Management Supervisor (CMS).  Please tell the receptionist that you are a member of StarrVista’s CMO and you are not able to reach your CM/PC.  The receptionist may be able to locate them for you or transfer you to their CMS.  Also, if you feel that at any time your rights have been violated you should follow the Consumer Rights section that is later in this handbook.  We at StarrVista work together as a team so at any time another CM/PC could help you or relay a message for you.


StarrVista calls the agencies that provide the programs/services to you “providers” because they provide you with treatment.  You will have a provider who will help you work on some of the problems that may have played a part to your offense.  You may have a provider in the community or you may be placed with a residential provider.  The court decides if you can remain in the community or if you need to be placed in a residential setting.  Your provider will help you with your education, family, and individual treatment issues.  They will work with your CM/PC and report to them on how you are doing in the program.  You will have treatment goals to work on with your provider that will help you meet your plan of care. Each provider will give you their handbook that will give you more information.



Your CM/PC will always go to court with you and will submit a report on your progress. The report will reflect your progress on your plan of care, your progress in school, at home/placement, and your behaviors.  You will always have an attorney present and your parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to attend all hearings.  Four things could happen at a court hearing: your case could be continued until the next hearing, you could be escalated to a more restrictive setting (go from home to a residential placement), you could be de-escalated to a less restrictive setting (go from a residential placement to home), or your case could be terminated from court.  All of these are based on your behavior and progress on your plan of care.  If you are following all of the rules and working on your goals then court will go well for you.  If you are not following all of the rules (i.e. missing school) then you may be escalated and/or placed in detention.  It is up to you to have a positive court hearing!


  1. You need to know your next court date and time.

  2. You need to wear clothes that reflect the seriousness of your hearings, i.e. no gang clothing, no          shorts, no halter-tops, no sandals, etc.

  3. You need to be polite and respectful to everyone in the courtroom at all times.

  4. You should talk during the hearing only when you are asked a question.

  5. You need to be on time and prepared to talk to your attorney before your hearing.

  6. Do not bring any weapons, lighters, knives of any kind, letter openers, or anything that may be considered a weapon.  You will have to go through a metal detector to get into the court building.

  7. If you live at home it is your responsibility to ensure you have transportation to your court hearings.



While you are with StarrVista you will be provided services from one of our providers.  Your CM/PC will keep you updated on who will be providing you services and what you should expect from the provider.  These services are based on the court, your risk-level of re-offending, and your needs.  Your CM/PC will talk with you so that you will have input into what services/programs you think would best help you; but the CMO has the final say.  These services/programs are designed to help you become a more productive member of society and to stop your offense cycle while bringing repair to your victims and the community.  Only your CM/PC can place you and/or remove you from a program.  Once you have completed a program, your CM/PC will talk with you to see if you need another program/service or if you will be disenrolled.


From time to time you may be required to give a urine test for drugs.  This will depend on your history of drug use and your risk of using drugs.  In addition, if at any time StarrVista or a Provider suspects you of using drugs, you may be required to be tested.  StarrVista has a zero tolerance policy for drug use (including alcohol) for all of its members.  If you test positive for any drug you will be subject to progressive sanctions.  (See Progressive Sanctions for further details.)  If you miss an appointment for testing, it will be considered a positive drug screen.  In addition, if you miss two screens or appointments, a WRIT for your apprehension will be filed and the WEB will pick you up and place you in detention.

All testing occurs at StarrVista unless other arrangements have been made by your CM/PC. When you come to StarrVista you will need to sign in so there is documentation of your test.  Your CM/PC will let you know of the results of your tests.


You may from time to time be required to wear an electronic tethering device and be confined to your house.  This usually occurs when you first return to the community if you have been in placement or instead of going into detention.  If you need tethering, your CM/PC will explain everything to you and your parents.  Tethering is usually for a short period of time (30 days) and is used as part of our Progressive Sanctions.  You will be placed in the Juvenile Detention Facility if violation of the tether occurs.


If you have an emergency and need to contact someone at StarrVista and no one is in the office, you may page the On-Call Emergency Pager at 684-2904.  Please put in the telephone number where you can be reached.  Also, please wait at least ten minutes before paging us again.  Emergencies are defined as a crisis with a need to talk to someone immediately.  Do not use the emergency pager when you just need some information or have a question regarding your case.  The on-call person will NOT make any case management decisions or provide you with any transportation.


Transportation is provided by Starr Vista only under specific situations which are as follows:

1. Psychological Testing

2. Transport to residential placement

All other transportation is the responsibility of the youth or their parents.  Starr Vista does provide all students with a student I.D. card which allows students to ride the MDOT bus at a reduced fare.




When you were first enrolled in StarrVista, a YL came and introduced you to the agency and gave you this handbook.  During that visit there were several documents that you were asked to sign.  These documents are important because they give us permission to talk to other agencies in case of emergency
or to share vital information about you.  In addition, these papers are part of your legal file that is kept at StarrVista.  We appreciate your cooperation in signing these papers and helping us get as much information as we can about you and your family.


Your CM/PC will write Plans of Care that include your progress and your goals.  Your first Plan of Care is written one month after you are enrolled with StarrVista and then every three months there is an Updated Plan.  Your CM/PC will review these reports with you and have you sign them.  Your signature does not mean that you agree with the report.  It only means that you have seen the report and your CM/PC has reviewed it with you.  You and your parents will receive a copy of the report to review when necessary.


Your progress in school is very important to us and we want you to succeed and continue in pursuing your dreams.  In order for us to know how you are doing in school, you are required to give your CM/PC a copy of your report card and school schedule every semester.  This will help us track that you are enrolled in school and your progress in that school.  In addition, we will stop by your school to check on your attendance.


During your first visit, you were asked to sign a Conditions of Placement form.  This form outlined our expectations for your behavior while in our CMS.  In addition, it outlined any special conditions that you need to follow in order to remain where you currently are.  This form will be updated when you change placements or if there is a change in your plan of care.  If you do not follow these conditions, you will be given progressive sanctions that could include detention.  It is important that you review this form often so you are familiar with what is expected of you.




Whenever someone from StarrVista comes to see you they will always have a StarrVista identification card and you should ask to see it.  If your CM/PC is unable to come and see you they will call you.  If someone else is coming to see you your CM/PC will let you know.  Contacts will usually last no longer than one hour and will be scheduled.


  1. You are required to be present for all scheduled contacts and to be there for the entire time.

  2. You are to be cooperative and respectful with your CM/PC and answer all of their questions.  This time is devoted to you and should demand your full attention.

  3. Do not have any of your friends/associates at the house during your visit.

  4. Do not talk on the phone or watch TV during the visit.

Your CM/PC needs to see you and you need to be cooperative in scheduling a contact and not avoid seeing them.  Avoiding your CM/PC will result in Progressive Sanctions and be reported to the court.


During your contacts your CM/PC will discuss your plan of care and your progress since the last visit; your behaviors, your education, your family, your job, your competencies (skills), and how you have repaired the harm caused by your offenses.  If you haven’t made progress or if your behaviors have been negative then your CM/PC will explain what Progressive Sanctions may need to be used.  It is your CM/PC responsibility to report any statements that you make regarding causing harm to yourself or others or if someone has abused you in any way.


Several times a year, you will be asked to complete a survey about the services you have received by StarrVista.  Either StarrVista or Wayne County Department of Children and Family Services will be conducting these surveys.  The surveys may either be paper or by phone.  All surveys are confidential and your individual results will not be shared.



Whenever you violate your Conditions of Placement you will have a progressive sanction.  These sanctions are intended to give you an opportunity to stop and think about what you are doing before you begin to spiral out of control.  We want to help you take the time to really think about your behaviors and their consequences.  The more serious or more frequent the violations the more serious the sanction.  Some examples of the sanctions are increased drug testing, tethering, 48-hours in detention, substance abuse counseling, etc.  As you can see these sanctions are to help you not to punish you.



Staff will respect the rights of the clients and ensure that they are fully informed of their rights, responsibilities, and how to report if they feel that their rights have been violated.  The process of reporting must be confidential and free from retaliation in any form.


1. Clients’ Rights:

        A.    All clients have the right to equal access to services and impartial treatment
                without discrimination by race, religion, sex, ethnicity, age, or handicap.
        B.    Care and treatment will recognize and respect the personal dignity of the client.
        C.    All clients have the right to every consideration of their privacy and individuality
                as it relates to their social, religion, legal status, and psychological well being.
        D.    All clients have the right to individualized care including:

A Plan of Care determined by clinical assessment and available to the client.

The right to review portions of their record that were developed by StarrVista, provided that this disclosure does not violate the confidentiality of family members or other individuals whose contacts may be contained in the record.

The right to insert a statement into their record about their problems or about services they are receiving or may wish to receive and that should StarrVista add statements or responses related to the clients’ statements it will be done with the client’s knowledge.

The Plan of Care will be individualized and include active participation of the client and/or their parent/guardian, be reviewed periodically, and be implemented and supervised by competent and qualified staff.

The right to treatment provided in the least restrictive setting.

Confidentiality of communications between client and staff. I f staff have to breach the confidentiality they are to inform the client.

Information recorded in the client’s file will be the responsibility of all employees of StarrVista.

Complete and current information regarding security level, risk level, diagnosis, and treatment in understandable terms and language.

The right to know by name and specialty the employee(s) responsible for the coordination and implementation of plan of care.

The right to respectfulness and privacy as it relates to case discussion consultation, examination, and treatment because these are confidential and should be conducted discreetly.

E.    All clients have the right to be free from physical abuse, sexual exploitation, verbal abuse, and inhumane treatment by StarrVista personnel.

2.    Clients’ Responsibilities

    A.    Respect the rights of StarrVista employees.

    B.    Refrain from damaging or destroying the property of others and StarrVista.

    C.    Take an active part in your care planning by being available to your Youth
Liaison and Youth Investment Counselor for all meetings.

    D.    Attend every class every day in school and be present for all
scheduled appointments.

    E.    Inform your CM/PC if there is any change in your home, school,
work, or personal life that would affect your plan of care.

    F.    Maintain open and honest communication with StarrVista.

   G.    Cooperate with all drug-screening procedures.

3.    Process of Reporting.

   A. If at any time while the youth is with StarrVista and they feel that a StarrVista employee has violated their rights; they may file a complaint with the Consumer Rights Officer, Michelle Rowser. The youth should mail a complaint or telephone the Consumer Rights Officer at the following:

                                                        Michelle Rowser
                                                        StarrVista, Inc.
                                                        22390 W. Seven Mile
                                                        Detroit, MI 48219
                                                        (313) 387-1235

   B.    If at any time a StarrVista employee suspects that a youth’s rights have been violated they are to contact the Consumer Rights Officer (CRO) as indicated in point 3A.

   C.    The complaint needs to include the name of youth, name of employee, right that was violated, and a detailed description of the incident.

   D.    The CRO will notify the appropriate managerial staff that a complaint has been submitted and the process of the investigation.

   E.    The CRO will interview the youth and employee as soon as possible during normal business hours. Youth will receive another copy of this procedure during the meeting.

   F.    The CRO will submit the complaint, findings, and recommendations to the President.

  G.    The President will inform the CRO of concurrence with the findings and recommendations or recommend other action to be taken.

  H.    The CRO will inform the appropriate management personnel of the recommendations and needed documentation. It will be the determination of the management personnel of what information will be shared with the youth and employee.

  I.    An aggregate report of the type, severity, and acuity of the complaints will be submitted to the President and Risk Management Committee on a quarterly basis as part of the quality auditing process.



AWOL is when you are somewhere without permission or when you runaway from home, school, or placement. When you AWOL from home, school, or placement you are in violation of our Conditions of Placement Contract and may either have Progressive Sanctions or be escalated. This includes even if you are AWOL for a few hours.


When you AWOL, someone from StarrVista will immediately put out a WRIT for you to be picked-up by the police and detained in the Juvenile Detention Facility.  The department of the Wayne County Sheriff’s office that picks up juveniles is called the WEB – Warrant Enforcement Bureau.  This department was created to pick up those who have had warrants issued for their arrest.


When you decide to turn yourself in, you need to immediately contact your CM/PC.  If you can not reach them then ask to talk with an Administrator at StarrVista and they will help you turn yourself in. It is always best if you turn yourself in instead of WEB finding you and they will find you.  Please do not ask your parents to keep your whereabouts a secret. If they know where you are and do not turn you in; they may face legal problems as well as you.



Disenrollment is when you have completed everything outlined in your Plan of Care and have become a productive member of society.  Some of our expectations for you are to remain crime-free, progress in your education, learn skills needed for adulthood, repair the harm you caused, and be a contributing member of your community.  Once you have accomplished all of this you and your worker will begin to prepare for disenrollment.  You may have some mixed feelings during this process so you need to talk with your CM/PC so they can make this a successful completion in your life. You should be very proud when you have accomplished this and continue working towards your lifetime goals.

It is important to remember that disenrollment is a process that begins the first day you are enrolled with StarrVista.  It takes time to complete your goals and it is something that requires the support of many people.  The decision for disenrollment begins with your CM/PC but they will need to get permission
from the court before you can be disenrolled.  Until you are told you are disenrolled you will need to continue with everything that has been required including seeing your worker.


Before you can be disenrolled, your CM/PC is going to have to petition the court for termination of your case.  This may take some time and can only be completed if you have met all of the requirements set by the court.  Your CM/PC will talk with you about what has to be done and some of the expected timeframes.  If the court does not want to terminate your case then you will remain in StarrVista.  We can not go against the court at any time.


Disenrollment from StarrVista is just the beginning of a new phase in your life.  We are very proud of all of our youth who have completed their goals and have been disenrolled. This is an accomplishment that shows the strength and character that you have developed since being enrolled.  Celebrate your success with your family and remember all of the hard work you have put into this accomplishment.  This is a new beginning for you and we want you to know that once you are a part of our family, you are always a part of our family.  We want you to keep in touch and continue to give back to your community.

Signature Page

Receipt of Clients Rights and Responsibilities

_______________________________________                                                            _______________________
Signature of Juvenile                                                                                                            Date


Acknowledgement of Complaint & Grievance Process

______________________________________                                                                ______________________
Signature of Juvenile                                                                                                             Date

______________________________________                                                                ______________________
Signature of Parent                                                                                                                 Date

Acknowledgement of Confidentiality by Starr Vista

_______________________________________                                                            _______________________
Signature of Juvenile                                                                                                            Date

_______________________________________                                                            _______________________
Signature of Parent                                                                                                                Date

Reception of Handbook

I, ________________________________________________, have received a Youth Handbook from StarrVista and a Case Manager/Probation Counselor has reviewed it with me.

______________________________________                                                               ______________________
Signature of Juvenile                                                                                                            Date

______________________________________                                                              _______________________
Signature of Parent                                                                                                               Date

______________________________________                                                              _______________________
CMS Representative                                                                                                             Date



Parent/Youth Complaint Report

Youth’s Name:_____________________________________________ Date:____________

Current Placement: ________________________________________ Time:____________

Provider: _____________________________________

Person Reporting: _____________________________ Relationship to Youth:___________

Type of Report:    ❏ Informational        ❏ Complaint

Type of Violation:

❏ Missed/Late to court hearing        ❏ Failure to give pertinent information

❏ No contact with worker                  ❏ Inappropriate conduct

❏ Treatment Due Diligence               ❏ Refusal to offer services

❏ Other: _________________________________________________________

Detailed Description of Violation: (who? – what? – where? – when? – how?)








StarrVista CMS Complaint Report

Youth’s Name:_____________________________________________ Date:____________

Current Placement: ________________________________________ Time:____________

Provider: _____________________________________

Person Reporting: _____________________________ Title:_________________________

Type of Report: ❏ Informational ❏ Complaint

Type of Contractural Violation:

❏ Missed / late to court hearing ❏ Incomplete/late reports

❏ No contact with worker ❏ Abuse/neglect suspected

❏ Fail to transport youth ❏ Refusal to offer services

❏ Other: _________________________________________________________

Detailed Description of Violation: (who? – what? – where? – when? – how?)







StarrVista Behavior Management Policy

Starr Vista’s core values state that children are to be treated with dignity and respect, that they come into our agency with strengths to be developed, and that everybody in the organization has a responsibility to help; nobody has a right to hurt anyone else, physically or psychologically.  These values guide all of our approaches with children, and are especially applicable in our practice of safe and effective behavior management strategies and techniques.

It is the policy of StarrVista to effectively manage serious disturbances/unsafe situations in such a manner as to:

1.    Maintain the person's self-esteem while carrying out the intervention.
2.    Protect the person, staff, and any consumers from harm.
3.    Control and de-escalate the episode.
4.    Provide for the safety and welfare of each individual, consumers, staff, and visitors of this Agency without the use of physical restraint or physical intervention.

Behavior management techniques and positive reinforcements utilized by StarrVista staff will support the child’s appropriate social behavior, self-control, and the rights of others; foster dignity and self respect for each child; and reflect the ages and developmental levels of the children we serve.

StarrVista staff uses conflict avoidance and de escalation techniques that are proactive and positive. All staff are mandated to attend conflict avoidance training and to be certified in Life Spaces Crisis Intervention Training.

Positive behavioral techniques that are utilized by StarrVista staff to promote pro-social behavior include but are not limited to:

1.    Organization of the physical environment and staffing patterns to reduce factors leading to behavior incidents.
2.    Video surveillance and monitoring of the waiting room.
3.    Intervention before behavior becomes disruptive, in the least invasive and least restrictive manner available.
4.    Emphasis on verbal de-escalation to calm the upset child;
5.    Redirection strategies to present the child with alternative resolution choices.

Unacceptable Behavior

The following behaviors by staff, clients and visitors are prohibited:
1.    Verbal abuse
2.    Sexual harassing of others
3.    Fighting
4.    Damaging or stealing property
5.    Possession of weapons of any kind
6.    Harsh, humiliating, cruel, abusive or degrading language
7.    Possession of drugs and/or alcohol or drug related items
8.    Profanity, vulgarity and obscenity
9.    Harassment and bullying

Prohibited Behavior Management Techniques

The following techniques shall be not be utilized by any StarrVista staff:
1.    Any procedure which is a psychological risk to the client shall not be utilized.
2.    Any procedure that denies the client’s basic needs: food, clothing and shelter.
3.    Any procedure which utilizes corporal punishment or fear eliciting procedures.
4.    Any techniques that would violate the dignity and respect of the client.

Physical intervention is prohibited by Agency Policy.  Isolation, locked seclusion, and mechanical restraint are prohibited by StarrVista, Inc.

Every precaution is taken to ensure that the care and welfare of our clients as well as the safety and security of other clients and staff are maintained. StarrVista staff must use the least restrictive, safest and most effective methods in managing client  behavior.   Excessive or inappropriate use of behavior management intervention is strictly prohibited. Restrictive behavior management interventions by clients or untrained staff are also prohibited.

Physical intervention is prohibited by Agency Policy.  Isolation, locked seclusion, and mechanical restraint are not used.

It is the policy of StarrVista to effectively manage serious disturbances/unsafe situations in such a manner as to:

1. Maintain the person's self-esteem while carrying out the intervention.
2. Protect the person, staff, and any consumers from harm.
3. Control and de-escalate the episode.
4. Provide for the safety and welfare of each individual, consumers, staff, and visitors of this Agency without the use of physical restraint or physical intervention.

By signing this form, I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the agency’s behavior management policy.

________________________                                                                 ______________________
Signature of Child                                                                                    Signature of Parent

_______________                                                                                     _________________
Date                                                                                                              Date

________________________                                                                _________________
Signature of StarrVista Youth Liaison Worker                                 Date



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