Solutions through youth 
& family partnerships

                     Solutions through youth
                     & family partnerships

Our Vision

Be a regional leader of innovative best practices for youth and their families.

Our Mission

Create opportunities through community partnerships that strengthen youth and families.

Core Values

We believe that families become strengthened through education, positive communication and intervention.

We believe that partnerships with families and the community will help youth become productive members of society.

We believe children need positive environments.

We believe that love, nurturing, support, and guidance can help all children succeed.

We believe that children and their families should be provided with help and treatment to make their community a better place to live in.

StarrVista Quality Assurance Risk Prevention Plan Synopsis

  • StarrVista recognizes the relationship between total quality management and organizational improvement. The agency believes the improvement in all services, clinical, administrative, or support, can only be accomplished through continuous evaluation of current service delivery and systems, assessment of needs and prudent application of agency resources to meet established needs. To this end, the agency encourages all employees, clients, and others to express their needs and views regarding service availability, delivery, purpose or effectiveness through active participation in identified organizational improvement activities. Coinciding with Quality Assurance is Risk Prevention Management. StarrVista is continuously assessing risk. StarrVista’s Risk Prevention is broad in its approach. It encompasses ongoing assessment of the physical plant, systems within StarrVista and extends to contracted providers serving the youth and families.

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